Blue Collar Apologetics

Blue Collar Apologetics
Have you ever been approached by a non-Catholic friend with a theological question you couldn't answer? That doesn't have to happen ever again. John Martignoni, President of the Bible Christian Society, shares his no-nonsense, fool-proof methods for sharing and defending the Catholic faith.

 Tim Oglesby, MTS will share videos from this series and expand on the teaching offered in them, as well as answering whatever questions you may have. Meetings will be held in the Parish Center Sunday 9:00am.
Come be a part of this exciting class.

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Tim's Notes  Videos
Week 1 Blue Collar Apologetics 
Week 2 Blue Collar Apologetics   
Week 3 Blue Collar Apologetics   
Week 4 Blue Collar Apologetics   
Week 5 Blue Collar Apologetics   
 Week 6 Blue Collar Apologetics  
Week 7 Blue Collar Apologetics  
Week 8 Blue Collar Apologetics  
Week 9 Blue Collar Apologetics  


 Blue Color Apologetics DVD

Quick answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) that Catholics get:

Two Minute Apologetics

EWTN Questions & Answers about the Catholic faith