Do You Believe In Miracles

St. Teresa Church   
Sunday February 25th   

          Please go to this website and see a short video  Watch Tim Francis explain. Altar boy to party boy. Protestant mega church back to Catholic. How the Power of a Mothers prayer brought Tim back to The Church.
This is a LIVE presentation hosted by Tim Francis. Few things you will see:
 - Communion host caught on film beating and bleeding
- Statue of Jesus filmed crying and bleeding. Tested by Science
- Lady being filmed & tested before, during, and after Stigmata

Also see for more information:


Lenten Luncheons

Immediately following the Friday 12:05pm Mass during the Lenten season:
Volunteers will be serving
Soup & Sandwiches for lunch
at the St. Teresa Parish Hall.
To help volunteer please call
Julia Hulsey @ 620-422-3726 or
Norm Karlin @ 620-662-1651


Stations of the Cross

2018 Schedule:

Stations of the Cross Every Friday of Lent will be at 11:30am and 5:30pm

Traditional Lenten Practices Includes

Lenten Practices